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Energy Auditing

Our energy audit service offers an inspection, survey and analysis of how energy is consumed within your building as well as analysing energy policy, organisational structure, energy procurement and target setting.

We have engineers that specialise in conducting energy audits. The energy audit process can be outlined as follows:

  • A preliminary audit is conducted. Energy data is collected from various sources. A walk-through analysis of the building is carried out and the most significant energy consuming equipment is identified. An on-site survey and data collection allow for the identification of potential areas for improvement.
  • A detailed energy audit is then carried out developing a more detailed audit process. Energy flow is analysed in greater detail and a comprehensive breakdown of annual energy consumption in individual component areas will be produced.
  • After both these stages are complete practical and economical solutions will be produced including:
    • Energy saving methods
    • More efficient management and operation methods
    • Annual energy consumption breakdown for the individual energy consumption unit.
    • Initial investment and payback period for all energy saving options identified.

AES has completed energy audits for over 250 state and industrial buildings. We are confident that our team of experts will carefully review your entire energy output and identify every opportunity your company has for improving its energy efficiency.

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