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Ecological Assessments

Phase-1 Habitat Survey

This survey follows a standard methodology and entails thoroughly walking over a site and categorising each plot of land on the basis of vegetation into one of approximately 90 habitats. Records are made on the assembly and composition of habitats and a botanical species list is also recorded. Target notes are used to document any habitats or features of particular interest and any sightings, signs or evidence of protected or distinguished faunal species or any potential habitat for such species.

Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) is the assessment of the effect of a proposed act on flora and fauna and the environments in which they occur.

AES Ecology frequently design and employ a range of mitigation and habitat improvement measures to ensure the ecological impact of the development is not considered significant.

We  provide:

  • Scoping studies
  • Ecological surveys to provide baseline data
  • The design of ecological impact mitigation measures
  • Input into master plans and site layout
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